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    Below is a small portion of the amazing stories people send about the effects of radiation hormesis. Submit your testimonial

    Radiation Hormesis TestimonialsA Doctor with MS finds pain relief using the Stone

    I want to give you some feedback on my experience with the use of the regimen of “the stone”. First, some background on me. I am currently 55 years old. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis at age 35– 20 years ago. At that time I was a professor of anesthesiology. I developed a vertigo, loss of proprioception (ability to tell where my body parts were located in space), visual difficulties, and very low stamina. I had to stop working for two years. I optimized my diet, took reasonable supplements, and practiced yoga to maintain my bodies flexibility. I was able to return to graduate school, and I earned a Ph.D. in behavioral medicine, with a focus on neuroscience and neuropsychology. From my anesthesiology training I was well-versed in pharmacology. My last job was as a professor of advanced pathophysiology and pharmacology at Georgetown University.

    From 1995-2000, I was prescribed various forms of beta interferon. This drug produced a side-effect that never went away. It created pain in all of my muscles and joints that was debilitating. I switched from interferon to copaxone. While this drug did not cause the muscular pain, the pain from the interferon treatment never went away. I also continued to have extreme fatigue. The problem with copaxone is that it caused severe injection site reactions– pain, redness, and swelling, reactions which took weeks to subside.

    Even while taking interferon and copaxone, I would have exacerbations of my MS symptoms about every 6 weeks, and I would have to spend about a week sleeping 16 hours per day and wasn’t able to maintain my yoga routine or take care of household chores. It would take me about 10 days to start feeling better.

    Four months ago stopped taking copaxone, and I began using the combination of the green Eilat stone and the mud pack and the thorium stone in water. I spend at least eight hours per day with the pack against the skin of my lower and upper back. I rub the green stone over aching joints and muscles, which provides me with relief of my pain (a decrease from a 7 on a 1-10 scale to about a 3.) My greatest improvement has been in my stamina and in my coordination of my ocular muscles, and in my proprioception, which I attribute to drinking the water. I drink about a gallon of the water per day. My productivity has increased considerable, since I am able to read longer without fatigue, I can move about with less pain, and my overall energy has improved significantly. I have not had any exacerbations of my symptoms in four months, and overall I am feeling better than I have in years. My mood seems more stable, and it is easier for me to perform my light exercise with low weight dumb bells and a more physically demanding yoga sessions.

    I plan to continue on this regimen. In my experience, it provides better disease management than any of the ABC drugs that are currently the mainstay of multiple sclerosis treatment. As a student of pathophysiology, I have thoroughly reviewed the literature on radiation hormesis. It makes sense to me that steady exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation would be beneficial in any condition where stability of the immune system is crucial to disease management. I will continue to keep you updated on my condition. Thank you, Jay, for finding me an answer.

    John E., CRNA, MPH,Phd

    .Diagnosed with Breat CancerDiagnosed with Breast Cancer

    I was diagnosed with Stage III Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Breast Cancer on April 3, 2008. I was incredibly shocked. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I had a good idea it would not be the western protocol of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. After the biopsy, my doctor wanted me to have a MRI of my breast so I did. In doing the MRI they found another lump.

    I knew a holistic doctor and pharmacist in Kansas City and I called them immediately. They suggested that I come up to Kansas City and start nutritional IV’s so that is what I did. I had an I.V. every day that week, started applying Black Salve directly on the tumor and also started an oral nutritional protocol geared for oncology. I went home with the plan to have the pharmacy overnight the I.V.’s and have them administered at my home town but that did not work out so I had to look for another plan.

    I heard about a nutritionist in Colorado, so I contacted him to see if he could help me. We had a long talk and my husband and I drove to Colorado to see him. He had healed himself of cancer several years ago so I felt that he would be able to guide me to health also. He started me on Essiac tea and a fermented soy powder that had a history of successfully treating breast cancer.

    Meanwhile my youngest son and his wife were planning on me coming to help them with a new baby. I didn’t want to disappoint them and everyone thought it would be good for me so I went. I was there two weeks and kept applying the black salve and following the oral nutritional oncology protocol. I arrived home on May 5th.

    I had to stop taking the fermented soy powder because of side effects and that was disappointing and discouraging. For the next two weeks I went back and forth trying to determine what would work best for me and I considered going forward with the typical Western protocol because I felt like I needed something more than what I was currently doing. But I drug my feet on this because it just didn’t feel right.

    On Monday, May 19th Mark (the nutritionist in Colorado) called me and said a lady had just left his office that had had breast cancer but he had not been able to detect cancer in her body. She told Mark that she had been using healing stones which acted as radiation hormesis and gave Mark the name of the man to contact for more information. That man’s name was Jay Gutierrez. Mark called Jay and talked to him a long time finding out about this process. Then he called me. I immediately called Jay and he answered the phone. I told him what I was dealing with and he said “Breast cancer is a piece of cake, can’t you get something harder?” I laughed and said, “Well, I really didn’t want to!” We made plans for my husband and I to meet him at his home on Wednesday, May 2lst. In the meantime I went to his website and read and researched all I could find about radiation hormesis.

    We arrived at Jay’s home and he took us to his rock shop. He went over everything very carefully and two hours later we left armed with everything I needed to heal my body from breast cancer using radiation hormesis. It all seemed so easy and I felt very happy and grateful to have found out about this. Jay was so kind and said to call him anytime. And I did. I am ever grateful to both Jay and Mark for their unending support. Jay never failed to answer my call or call me back and always put my fears to rest. Mark did the same; I couldn’t have stayed the course without their support.
    I might add that I had been eating a raw food diet for almost two years, and this is one reason I was so surprised that I had cancer. I continued with this way of eating but I believe the radiation hormesis would have healed my body if I had not been eating raw.

    I had some tests done in September and they all came back negative. I am thankful for Jay and the work he has done with radiation hormesis. Jay, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being true to God’s calling for you. I am one grateful woman.

    Janie A.
    Scott City, KS

    Radiation Hormesis TestimonialsWomans gets Cancer free, in less than a year

    Just thought I would let you know how things are going for me at this time. If you recall I came to you in June 2008 and here is my story:

    I am a 56 year old woman that had been told in April 2007 by my gynecologist during a routine pap smear exam that there was a lump about 5 mm in size in my rectum that should be checked by my physican. January 10, 2008 I finally had a colonoscopy that showed the lump had increased in size to 8 mm. The biopsy showing adenocarcinoma colorectal cancer. The tumor was 1 cm from top of dentate line which meant I was not considered a candidate for surgery with resection due to the close proximity to the sphincter muscles and the required margin needed to completely remove any possibilities of recurrence. So a permanent colostomy was what the doctors told me is how it would be. It was recommended strong chemotherapy and radiation for 5 to 6 weeks with 6 weeks to heal then the colostomy surgery and after all that there still would be no guarantee that there would be no recurrence of cancer.

    My reaction was NO WAY, I did not want chemo or radiation and the permanent colostomy was not something I was willing to accept. I had a PetScan February 28, 2008 the results were not very promising. My husband and I searched the web for anything that would get me back to health. There is a lot out there but you are a guinnea pig and with all cancers time is of the essence. My first alternative was to go to Tijuana, Mexico for 21 days of treatment to build the immune system. I got back to Colorado the 1st of April, and started having acupuncture treatments and taking supplements continuing to support my immune system. On the 21st of May I had my second PetScan. The news was even worse. The size of the tumor had increased to 1.6mm with increased metabolic activity identified (cancer activity) from 4.1 to 9.7 and now the lymph nodes were involved. What was I to do? I went to a Dr. who was a specialist in colon surgery, to get another answer and of course I did not get another answer, just more of a maybe on the colostomy if the chemo and radiation shrunk the tumor so the margin needed was enough for resection and was told I wouldn’t know if I would have a colostomy until I came out of surgery.

    Mid June I spoke to a friend that my husband and I met while in Mexico, she told me about Nighthawk Minerals, Jay Guiterrez and that the stones were helping people live. What didi I have to lose? I called Jay, it was late Saturday afternoon and told him my story, he explained about the stones and he would send them to me on Monday, I said I would come to his house and pick them up on Monday. My husband and I went to Jay’s home and out to his rock shop. Jay told us that I would be fine in 4 to 41/2 months-not to worry. He said the tumor would probably have some scar tissue remaining that may show up on my next scan but that would be all.

    Two months went by I was worried the stones weren’t working so I called Jay in a panic, asking if he was sure the stones were working. Jay calmly replied that yes indeed, the stones were working as long as I was using them as he’d said and that he would email me some testimonials and that I wasn’t to worry, I would be fine. I received the testimonials and I did calm down and felt I was truly on the right path.

    November 13, 2008, 4 1/2 months later my PetScan showed marked decrease in size of the tumor with no cancer activity and complete resolution of the metastatic presacral lymph node as well. I WAS CANCER FREE.

    Jay–Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Words cannot express my gratitude-May God Bless you for all your work, to give those who ask, a second chance at life.

    Sandra M.
    Pueblo, CO

    Radiation Hormesis TestimonialsWomans son gets bitten by a brown recluse spider

    June 9th, 2008

    This is our story…

    My son and his fiancé moved into a duplex last fall. When the weather started to warm up this spring, they noticed spiders moving into their house. They realized that the spiders were brown recluse spiders and that his home was infested with them. One morning he woke up to realize that he had been bitten on his ear with the recluse spider still lying next to his pillow. He immediately went to a clinic near his home and the Doctor told him there was nothing he could do for it and that Tyler would most likely have to have reconstructive surgery on his ear. I had an aunt who was bitten by a recluse spider on her hand when she was a child. I know the severity of a brown recluse bite and did not want that for my son. My fiancé looked on the internet for about 6 hours trying to find something that could help Tyler. We decided to try Pascalite/Bentonite Clay because it said that it was the only known cure for Recluse Spider Bites. I happened to email my very close friend that day to tell her what had happened to Tyler. She told me about the stones you use and how effective they are. More importantly, she was driving to Kansas City that weekend where my son lives. Talk about perfect timing! She met Tyler and gave him the stone to use. Tyler used the stone as directed to him and within just a few days the ear was completely healed. When I say completely healed, I mean no scabbing or scarring. I believe that things happen for a reason. Because you are a friend of my friend and because she just happened to be driving to Kansas City from Colorado that weekend was not simply coincidence. “Thank you” doesn’t seem good enough but I don’t know how else to let you know grateful we are that you were there for us at that moment.

    God Bless,


    Radiation Hormesis TestimonialsWoman with Lyme Disease finds relief

    January 12, 2008

    Dear Nighthawk Minerals,

    I am a patient of a Holistic Health Clinic and have been struggling with chronic and late stage Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Disautonomia, Low thyroid, rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, numerous cancer surgeries and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    Needless to say I have been severely lacking in energy. So severe that I couldn’t stand up and walk across the room. If I did anything, I became extremely dizzy and felt as tho I was blacking out. My joint pain was so severe that I could not walk and had to use wheelchairs to do my shopping. This is how severe my illnesses were and started back in 2005.

    I began seeing J. and L. on October 23, 2007. They immediately recommended the Green Stone, the Stone for my water and the mud pack. So I started with this treatment right away. I will bathe with the Green Stone or rub it on specific painful areas. And I sleep with the mud pack as well as drinking lots of the stone water daily. I experienced only a mild nausea on the first day which J. and L. explained might happen.

    Since then I have seen tremendous gains in my energy levels. I no longer have to stay in bed most of the day or nap. I am able to focus my attention better and my short term memory loss has improved too. My pain level is much better. I never have to take pain medication anymore. Even on days when the weather has become cold or wet. I have now stopped using a wheelchair and walking stick.

    Unfortunately, since my type of Lyme disease is so difficult to cure I sometimes suffer relapses. My last relapse was about 3 weeks ago and since then I’ve changed the way I use the Green Stone treatments. I use hot water before rubbing the Green Stone on specific painful areas, i.e. joint pain and lymph node pain.

    I think that anyone in my condition could benefit from using this treatment.

    Thanks to you, Nighthawk and the Holistic Health Clinic!!


    Diane B.

    Radiation Hormesis TestimonialsWoman with Breast Cancer refuses Chemo, and uses the stone

    20 August 2007

    Dear Jay,

    These are just a few lines to bring you up to date on the breast cancer case I told you about last month. Remember when I was considering using escharotics but feared that it would be too traumatic? As you know, I’m out here in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch country where there are many Mennonite and Amish villages. I am writing about the Mennonite lady who took to her bed after an unfortunate fall that dislocated her hip. As I understand, her doctor refused to do anything for her. After he advised her earlier this year that she had breast cancer, she refused chemo, radiation, and surgery. They quarreled over her decision, so he told her that she might as well go home and call hospice.

    Her family called me the first week in July about a nutritional protocol. What I walked in on was not a pretty sight. Her right breast was just a hard movable mass about three inches square. There were approximately half a dozen oozing sores which she said had been there since February. Nothing the doctor had given her had helped. She tried to keep it clean as best she could, but it was always oozing a very smelly discharge. You could pick up this odor when you walked in the front door long before you got to the bedroom. When I called you about her case, we talked about the connection of fungus to cancer, and decided that a “hot” rock would probably kill the fungus and allow the breast to start healing. You sent the rock out; I got it over to the family around the 29th of July. I advised that the rock be kept on the breast 24/7. This has not been the easiest family to work with, for they don’t always understand the importance of keeping in touch. Finally, after three weeks of silence, I heard from them on Sunday. It was the lady herself, calling me, glad to report that not only had the sores gone away “almost overnight,” but that the actual mass was softening and felt as if it might be shrinking. She said that, after putting on the rock, the oozing had stopped almost overnight and that every single one of the sores had started scabbing over in about two or three days. She was delighted to finally see new pink skin where the open sores had been. She said that she did not experience any discomfort. Having seen some success, she is ready to get serious with her nutrition.

    You know, I think this case is pretty remarkable, in that this woman is doing little or no supplements, plus she is osteoporotic. Her body has been very acidic for a long period of time and she has trouble remaining compliant to her nutritional protocol. Yet the breast is well on the way to healing. It just goes to prove one more time that we are dealing with fungus. The low dose radiation killed the fungus, and the breast started healing. I am so grateful that you were there to help me with this one.

    Thank you very much.


    Radiation Hormesis TestimonialsMan with Pancreatic Cancer uses Radiation Hormesis

    January 12, 2008

    Hi Jay,
    Admission date to the Hospital Emergency center: 7/20/2007
    Hospital Diagnosis: Pancreatic Mass (about 1 inch in diameter)
    Acute Renal Failure
    Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
    Depressive Disorder

    Brief Summary of Hospital Course/Complications:
    71 year-old male with a history of diabetes and HTN, who presents with acute on chronic renal failure, jaundice, weight loss and a pancreatic head mass found on ultrasound.
    CT-guided brush biopsies of mass were obtained and pericutaneous biliary drain inserted on 7/20/2007. Brush biopsy cytology was inconclusive. CT scan for staging which showed no pulmonary or hepatic metastases but did show peripancreatic nodes. Percutaneous biliary drain became problematic for patient with pain. Following oncology consult patient and family have agreed to not pursue further treatment of biopsies (because of high risk with a needle biopsy), and focus on home hospice care. We then placed a permanent metal stint to allow for physiologic biliary drainage and removal of external drain prior to patient discharge to home.

    Patient has been home and has home hospice services since discharge: 8/1/07

    Since September, 2007 Bill has been doing low radiation stones therapy with Jay Gutierrez. He is drinking radiated water (with water stone), has placed (taped ) radiation stones, 1 green and 1 higher radiation, over his pancreas on his stomach. Has worn the stones constantly except when showering.
    He also has a radiated mud pack that was originally a lower radiation dose, and now wears a mud pack of more intensity. He also is taking dietary supplements of Limu and Colostrum.

    On: 12/18/07 Bill had another ultrasound test. The results showed “something” on the pacreas that was about 1 inch in diameter. There was no change showing at all. Since the diagnosis when we left the hospital was that we could expect him to die within a range of 2 weeks to 6 weeks and to have unbelievable pain (he has not had the first twinge), we tend to think what Jay thinks. The tumor is gone and has left a mark, or scar tissue, and of course it is Jan. 12, 2008 and Bill is still walking around.
    This week (1/13/08) our doctor has consulted with a radiologist who will be calling Bill to do another kind of scan in the near future. Dr. T. has also requested 7 fasting blood sugar readings be sent to him, and he then will decide if Bill will go back to an insulin regemin.

    Sue M.

    Radiation Hormesis TestimonialsWoman with Aspergillus (fungus) and used the Stones

    Dear Jay,

    Let me preface this letter with the fact that I was the Ultimate “Doubting Thomas”!

    In early 1990, I was at the peak of my game. I was the assistant to the VP of the worlds largest animal health products, running my own tax preparation company, and composing music. On June 30, my life came to a screeching halt. I was struck down with a rare form of spinal menigitis that not only attacked my spine and brain, it attacked my body. The doctors told me I contracted it from birds. My IQ dropped from 145 to 93. I began showing signs of chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiency, sensory loss, memory loss, skin disorders, bladder disorder, COPD, seizures, fibro myalgia, chronic headaches and spine pain, and on and on. I was given morphine to control pain and many medications to control all my disorders. I went into severe clinical depression and just couldn’t cope with all the major changes in my life. For many years I have suffered (as stoically as I could) through one health crisis after another. My doctors tried every way possible to help me. I even spent 3 years at a rehab hospital desperately trying to overcome my difficulties. I managed to get out of a wheelchair after a year but I still have trouble falling down and walking into things. I can’t tell you how many well-meaning people would bring me all the latest “cures”. For a while I tried them and became broken-hearted when nothing worked. I sought out the best specialist in the country. Absolutely nothing seemed to help me. I had to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to get any better. So, I just lived life the best way I could without complaining and bearing a lot of terrible pain.
    It has been 17 years of extreme difficulty. Then a miracle did happen.
    A friend of the family came home on vacation from Singapore and dropped by to visit. She brought me a stone called “The Stone”. She had gotten this stone from a friend who had several. Her friend lived here in Phoenix and swore this stone would heal anything. Well, my “Doubting Thomas” nature kicked on and I set it down on the kitchen table with my myriad of med’s. A few days later, I had one of my infamous headaches, my chest was hurting unbearably, my stomach was in pain and an oxygen tank had fallen on me and broke my left wrist. Early in the morning, out of sheer desperation, I saw the stone there on the table and began rubbing my wrist. It took the pain away immediately. As well as the bruise. So I rubbed it on my head, neck, chest and stomach. When I was finished, I was shocked to see my stone had gone from a light clay white to a very dark brown with large areas of round black spots. I used it for several days on my joints and other painful areas and the outcome was the same—— No pain after use!
    I was beyond shocked!
    Today, July 1, 2007, I was watching the concert for Princess Diana when Tom Jones came on a strange pattern was spinning on the screen behind him. It sent me into a grand mal seizure. My friend was helping me and she grabbed the stone and began rubbing my head with it. The seizure actually stopped after a few seconds and I didn’t have the awful lethargic stupor afterwards!
    There really is no other explanation for all this pain relief and what happened today–except The Stone.
    Now, I will take any oath or swear on anything sacred that this is all true. My health condition is slowly improving (even though my spelling might be off!) And I want everyone I know to use this stone. I am getting my pain under control and spending more and more time out of bed ——up and doing things!
    I will give you permission to requisition medical records from any of my doctors if you wish to show just how sick I have been.
    Please realize I am not yet cured, but I’m moving in that direction day by day! For the first time in 17 years I have had days when I don’t feel the horrible pain.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I cannot express how much gratitude I feel for your efforts and for my friend bringing me this miracle!
    If you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    With my best regards and loving gratitude,
    Cindy P.



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